Bounce House Rentals In Arizona

While this blog is centered around bounce house rental companies in the Northwest, I wanted to take the time to give an honorable mention to my good friends B.T. Bouncies in Phoenix, Arizona. Headed by Brian Bering, B.T. Bouncies is quickly making a name for themselves in the Greater Phoenix area. They have a large selection of bouncers available for rent including Disney princesses, Spider-Man, Transformers, and a plethora of others. They also offer rock climbing wall, mechanical bull, carnival games, dunk tanks, & casino night rentals with extras including tens and chairs.

They are really pushing to make a name for themselves by offering the largest portable rock climbing wall in the United States which will be coming in early next year. In Arizona, they are the largest supplier of inflatable water slide rentals which is a huge hit when the temperature heats up in the desert down there. I recently talked to Brian and he was bringing on an online marketing company to help them generate more revenues and grow to be the largest bouncy house rental company in the state of Arizona. While they certainly face tough competition from other companies that have been in the game for a long time, they are optimistic that by the end of the year they will be the biggest supplier of inflatable rentals in AZ.

Running a party rental company of any sorts can be a daunting task but B.T. handles their operations very smoothly. They have an extremely friendly staff that always answers the phone with a smile and they have extremely competitive prices on all of their party rental equipment. With their great service, affordable prices, and huge selection of bouncers, I am without a doubt naming them my number one choice for party rental companies in the Grand Canyon State. If you’re typing in “water slide rentals az” into Google like most people do that need to rent a water slide in Arizona, be sure to check out my friends B.T. Bouncies website before hiring anyone else. They have the largest selection of water slide rentals available in Arizona!

Special Announcement For All Bounce House Owners

Today we are excited to share with you the news about Inflatable Rolling Machine. This is a company that is revolutionizing the industry by reducing injuries in the work place and increasing the efficiency at which inflatable companies are able to operate within. If you rent water slides or bouncy houses, this product may be just what you were looking for. Check out this image of their 2 different machines they have available to buy.

There are many competitors in the market place that have tried to knock off this design and technology but haven’t been able to create it in the durable and long lasting way that this company has.  When you purchase from this company, you know you’ll be in good hands. The owner is highly responsive and great at making sure each of his customers get what they need. The man behind this patented technology is also for innovating the industry with several other types of games. He has been in this field of work for over 30 years and is passionate about making lives easier for people in the party rental world. However, while the bounce house rental businesses making up most of his customers, his machine also works with carpets and other products that need to be rolled up.

Over here at, we think of ways every day that we can work smarter not harder. It’s a philosophy we’ve adopted and try to abide by everyday, so when an invention like this comes along and can help us and your company achieve that goal of working smarter, we would be doing you a huge dis-service by not sharing this with you. We’ve already referred 3 of our friends that own party rental companies that have bought one of these rollers so we can vouch for it, plus the testimonials for this product are really starting to stack up online.

One goal of the company will be to employee a new marketing campaign using Facebook to get the word out about their unique equipment. There are really only a handful of bouncer companies that know this device is even in existence so market awareness will be a huge part of that strategy. Once they know about it, they can check out our company online and compare us with the other companies that are selling similar products. At the end of the day, the testimonials and online reviews they’ve accumulated over the years is substantial and is not hard to find what the people are saying about these guys. We tip our caps to these guys at Inflatable Rolling Machine, and hope they do incredibly well helping many people.

Northwest Party Pros In Spokane Washington

Spokane Washington is a pretty big city with a population of over 200,000 people. This city is known for rainy conditions and colder temperatures throughout the year, so inflatable bounce house and slide rentals are a tough industry to thrive in.  Out of over 10 map listings that appeared in the map listing results when I typed in, “bounce house rentals spokane”, the first one that I recognized to be the best in the entire city is without a doubt is Northwest Party Pros. The tough market conditions that this company operates in is one of the reasons why I find them to be such a great company. They’ve found areas in the market that they can dominate in and back that up with outstanding customer service, affordable prices, and great online reviews at various websites.  They offer numerous inflatable bounce houses, water slides, concessions, and inter-actives that you can rent for the typical backyard birthday party all the way up to as entire block party.

After speaking to one of their employees, it looks like Northwest Party Pros has plans of extending their party rental arsenal and purchase rock climbing walls mechanical bulls, and dunk tanks to rent out and accompany their arsenal of bouncy houses. I’m excited for their future as they continue to expand and grow their operations into other cities in the state of Washington. For all of you that need any of the services they offer, please call them at (208) 965-8055, they’re a great company!

IF Inflatables – Best Bounce House Rental Company In Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is one of the biggest cities in the state of Idaho so there are quite a few party rental companies that call this place home. With the competition being pretty heavy, it was tough to pick my favorite bouncy house company in this region. I’ve worked with numerous companies in the area and had developed strong relationships with all of them over the years. At the end of the day, I couldn’t think of anyone better than IF Inflatables to crown the king of bouncers in Idaho Falls.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen them as the winner is because of their large selection of rentals. Like most of their competitors, IF has bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses. A few things that separates them from everyone else is their inflatable boxing ring, sumo suits, and their bungee run. For those of you not very familiar with the industry, sumo suits are when you literally dress up in a large sumo-style suit and compete against one of your friends. The first person to go down, loses! This may sound a little aggressive for a kids party but it’s a really safe interactive game that everyone always loves. A bungee run is where you and a friend are inside of an inflatable and you both have a bungee chord strapped around your waste. When it’s time, you both start running towards the opposite end of the inflatable and try to make it as far as you can. Once you’re about to get whipped back from the bungee chord, you place your Velcro flag as far down as you can and who ever gets their flag the farthest, wins.

Aside from their great selection of rentals, IF practices great business principles that has gained them many repeat customers throughout the years. They probably do more corporate events and block parties than any other rental company in the area because of their professionalism, kind staff, and their reputation for always being on time. While the majority of their business is large functions, IF is always willing to do small parties that only require one inflatable, so there’s certainly no job too big or too small for these guys. If you’re in the Idaho Falls area and are looking for one of the best companies in the area to call, look no further than IF Inflatables!

Bounce House Rentals In Eugene Oregon

Big Air Jump Houses is an inflatable bounce house company in Eugene Oregon that has been providing party rental services for over ten years. The owner of the company, Jim Kershaw, started off as an employee working for a party rental company than took his knowledge of the industry and started his own business. Due to the cloudy weather that Eugene faces for the majority of the year, Jim has a limited market and knows he must out perform his competition in price, customer service, and leave each client happy after every party. This understanding of great business principles allows Big Air Jump Houses to flourish and book the most events out of any other company in the city.

What can you expect when you hire Big Air Jump Houses? Jim’s company really comes through in every aspect of the rental process from A to Z. When you call them to inquire about their services, you will be greeted by an upbeat, friendly receptionist that is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have. You’ll notice that the receptionist will educate you on the entire rental process from start to finish which is a lot more than you’ll find with most bouncy house rental companies. They even take it a step further by asking you about all the details regarding your party so they can properly educate you on safety procedures to adhere by throughout the event. They will then inform you of the total cost of your event including delivery, setup, cleaning, and maintenance fee’s so there are not surprises when you get your bill. It’s this kind of transparency, safety training, and always showing up on time to every event that separates Big Air from the other guys.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the attendee’s safety when they are enjoying their inflatable rentals. To this day, no child or adult has ever suffered an injury at one of their events which is something that they are extremely proud of. Between their competitive prices, awesome staff, and their willingness to go the extra mile through safety education, Big Air is my top pick for bounce house rentals companies in Eugene, Oregon.